Scott and Steven Willoughby

2009 & 2010 Work Stock Diesel Truck Champions and owners of Interstate Diesel

We added the US Lube Fuel Injector Cleaner to our truck, and the motor makes more horsepower than ever before. My father has added the US Lube Fuel Injector Cleaner to his taxi cab company, and the fuel economy has greatly improved, with the motors running much smoother. We recommend US Lube to all of our customers.

Kevin Fulks & Darren Smith

Light Limited Super Stock Puller

We had problems with our bearings. We added the US Lube Oil Enhancer to our pulling tractor, and our bearing problems went away. I used to change oil every 5 runs, now I am changing every 12 runs. US Lube really is the REAL DEAL!

Clint Corwin

Clint Corwin 2013 Pro Street Diesel Truck Champion

In 2011, I went through four fuel injectors. Since adding US Lube Fuel Injector Cleaner, I have had no fuel injector problems. I used to get eight runs on a fuel injector, and in 2012 I made over 50 passes with US Lube with no problem.

Jeff Tackett

Jeff Tackett Pro Farm Puller and US Lube Customer

I use US Lube in my pulling tractor and on my farm and tractor repair business. The fuel injector cleaner has allowed me to increase my fuel economy, and the Oil Enhancer saves me money with less oil changes. Both products increase my horsepower, both off and on the track.